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Last night

We watched @latenightseth in a Hampton Inn lobby.

Huge thanks again to latenightseth and to everyone who stayed up late to watch live on TV.


Tune-in to @latenightseth tonight to catch us, Chris Pratt, @bigdatabigdata And Laverne Cox. @p_edward_brenner is in Guardians of the Galaxy nerd heaven. The $10 “biggest movie of the summer” bet rages on. (at NBC Studios)

TONIGHT // Tune in to @latenightseth at 12:37 EST/ 11:37 CST on @NBC to hear us and @bigdatabigdata do “Dangerous”. Stick around and we’ll do “Tongues” all by ourselves. (at Rockefeller Center)

Just flew in and they lost his luggage. Bummer. (at Newark Liberty International Airport)

V friendly (at Newark Liberty International Airport)

7 rows missing. Not good. (at Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC))

Propellors. Not good. (at Greater Rochester International Airport (ROC))

Buffalo, that was insane. Are we doing this after party tonight tho or what? (at Anchor Bar)

Set your DVRs, folks.

Kudos revolttv.

Guys. We’re really doing it.

Thx, @bing. German is tough. (at Pour Coffee Parlor)

#BigFlats #RNY (at Hotel Palomar San Francisco)